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Thai Tao Restaurant Opening Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Thai Tao Restaurant Opening Speech - Essay Example The researcher would like to give a special mention to the Thai Consulate General for Guangzhou for the continued support and valuable advice he has given them throughout the process of opening this restaurant. Someone else that the researcher would like to thank is his special friend for his generous support in the opening of Thai Tao restaurant. Could you imagine life without great food? The researcher has never personally experienced life like this, but he knows that at Thai Tao restaurant, great food is their specialty. They prefer quality food rather than quantity. The researcher states that their customers are of great value to them and they will treat them as if they are royalty. Their restaurant will be famous for only serving the very best of food to the right people. Dave Thomas, a great American businessman, once said, â€Å"It all comes back to the basics. Serve customers the best-tasting food at a good value in a clean, comfortable restaurant, and they’ll keep co ming back.† This sums up the type of restaurant that the author really want to become. He wants their customers to enjoy their experience so much that they never want to go to any other restaurant again. It is important to keep their customers coming back to the author can retain a good customer-business relationship. Thailand and China have had a long history of great friendship. The author appreciates this alliance and wants to bring out the very best in Thai and Chinese culture. he believes that these two cultures can be mixed to provide their customers with a nice casual dining experience at Thai Tao restaurant. Their restaurant will provide Southeast Asian cuisine, and they want to bring their Chinese customers the very best that Southeast Asian food has to offer. The author also desires to provide a happy atmosphere in which their customers can enjoy their meal. He believes that there is potential growth for Southeast Asian cuisine in the Chinese market. Their goal is to develop a great bond with their Chinese friends to make them even stronger. The thing that will make them stronger is their unique service and authentic food that will be unmatched by their competitors. The researcher wants to present honesty to their customers, and as such, he will offer distinctive food that will set Thai Tao restaurant apart from the rest. Next, he would like to applaud all of his staff for their efforts to put this all together over the last couple of months. Together, they are a team. Together, they are one family. Together, they can be united and strong. Everyone one of them at Thai Tao has one thing that they strive for: they will serve their customers food of the highest quality and give them a food experience to savor. Finally, the author would like to say that for them, this is just the beginning. This is the first step of their greater plan, which is to expand even further into the Chinese market. In the next two months, they will open another branch in China. But they will not simply stop there; they will establish Thai Tao restaurants all over China. they are prepared to accept that they will make mistakes along the way; however, they are committed to having the best well-known Southeast Asian restaurant in Guangzhou. This might seem like a lofty goal, but it is not.  

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Physical - Circuit Essay Example for Free

Physical Circuit Essay Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps)Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? )Â   As the table shows above, the resistance of the length 5cm and 10cm were equal, and then it suddenly decreases. This shows theres an error; I think it happened because we didnt set our circuit in the correct positon. Table 5: This table shows the details about normal wires used in the experiment, Constantan wire with diameter of 0. 90mm, however is longer than the one before, retry. First Tried Second Tried Third Tried Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? ). This seems to be nice results as it shows; the resistance were rising up slowly as the length grows. It proved this is a nice experiment, and let us understand this wire could be use for transferring the current through. Table 6: This table gives the results about the different kind of wires used in the experiment, Nichrome wire with diameter of 0. 90mm. First Tried Second Tried Third Tried Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps)Â   Â  Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? )Â   This graph shows a very clear results, the increase of resistance were easy to see, from the positive correlation shown. This means that this is quiet a good test, it dont seems to have any error in this experiment. Table 7: This table gives the details about the third wires used in the experiment, Copper wire with diameter of 0. 90mm. First Tried Second Tried Third Tried Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? ) This result shows the metal which can transfer the least resistance through by the differences of the length. It was mostly under , this means that we cant use this much as the time were transferring a large amount of currents. Table 8: This table have the results which copper wires were heated in the beaker of water. Wire length equals to 100cm long. Room temperature were 24Ci. First Tried Second Tried Third Tried Temperature (Ci ) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Temperature (Ci) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? )Â   The last experiment we done, by putting a wire with length 100cm, diameter of 90mm into boiling water. Our result shows more clear on the table than the graph. As we can see, the resistance only raise a bit as the temperature goes up. But the difference from 30 Ci to 50 Ci were higher than what I expect, I think this is because of the temperature were not fix while we were recording our results down to our table. Compare and Contrast. This is the averages of the 3 wires. By showing this on a graph we could be able to tell which wire has the highest resistance. Constantan Wire Copper Wire Nichrome Wire Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ) Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ) Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ) By reading the graph, we could see that Nicrhome Wire have the highest resistance out of the three wires, so we could tell that it can allows least current flow through each time compare to the rest of them. If one day we have to choose a wire from this three to pass current through, the best is using the Copper Wire, it got the lowest resistance which means it have a high amount of current can pass through per second. If we dont want the electricity to flow through easily, we will choose the Nichrome Wire, because it only allows small amount of current to pass through each time. Constantan Wire was a normal wire, it cant be use for high resistance flowing, but it can allow more current flow at each time compare to the Nichrome Wire. However, we could see that the resistance were rising up no matter which materials of wire we have chosen, so that means they still conduct electricity, so we shouldnt touch it while having this kind of experiment. Compare and Contrast 2 This is the averages of the 3 different diameters of wires. By showing this on a graph we could be able to tell that which diameters can allows the most resistance to pass through. Wire with 0. 45mm Wire with 0. 9mm Wire with 1. 25mm Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ) Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ) Length (centimetres) Resistance (? ). By looking at the graph, we could see that Constantan Wire with 0. 45mm of diameter have the highest resistance out of all. So we could tell that it can allow high amount of resistance but low amount of current flow through each time compare to the rest of them. The wire with diameter of 1. 25mm can allows the lowest resistance, that means it could have highest current to flow through each time. However, we could see that the resistance were rising up no matter which diameter of wire we have chosen, so that means they still conduct electricity, so we can use it to let current pass through. Evaluation In my experiment, Ive found out theres some error occurs. In my first results, by using the length of 15cm, the resistance seems to be a little bit different from the rest, so it didnt showed as a straight line. This might because my circuit werent set correctly, so this error occurred. For the second experiment I did, theres seems to be a error at the second try of length 10cm, the number seems to be too high compare to the rest of them, I believe this happened because we accidentally crash the variable resistor. Then in Table 3 we got an error again, the current of the wire seems to be a lot more higher, Im sure this occurs because the resistor is not working well, and also the circuit were kind of messy, might affect the results we got. Then we got an error results shows at Table 4, none of the results can fit with Table 3, there were the same wire, same diameter, only the length we tested is different, but the results we got were too out of range, so I can say that this is a failed try out. So we re-do the experiment using this wire again. I think that this happened because the ammeter is down, the current were keep increasing by every few seconds. In Table 8, for testing the temperature, it seems to be a nice results, however the different of 50Ci and 30Ci were larger than what I have expect, so I could tell that the temperature of the water might not be as accurate as the time we measured. Also it might because some water spread out of the beaker, onto the wires; this should be changing my normal results. Also, Im not really sure about how the resistor works with ammeter; therefore by accidentally move it might decrease the accuracy of my results as well. The results of resistance might be different because the circuit we set werent exactly the same, therefore it might also be some differences compare to the first time, the first results we got. So, maybe next time we should have used the same circuit, and do all of the experiment in same time, and it might have a better results in future. Conclusion. In my own opinion, I believe this is quiet a nice experiment, and I also get some good results as well. Ive found out that my prediction was correct, about the copper wire with a diameter of 90mm will transfer the least energy compare to the rest of the two. I also learned about the circuit of electricity, I could now tell how the current flowing was, and how it could be measured. By looking at the results Ive got, I was really please, even though some mistakes happened in the experiment, but we still success to finish our experiment in the time limit, which is such a great thing to celebrate. Resistor can be use to protect the ammeter, this is a very useful apparatus; I know the ammeter was an important character in the circuit while measuring the resistance. So if the ammeter were damage cause of the flowing current were too high, this will be a very bad news for us. So take care of the equipment is another important thing I learn from this experiment. If I have a chance to repeat the experiment, I would be likely to set my circuit up just like this time, because there shall be less problems. And I might use the copper wire more often in the circuit, using copper wires it allows more current to pass through compare to the Nicrhome and Constantan wires, which might help in my future life. Bibliography: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Series_and_parallel_circuits http://www. circuitcity. com/ccd/home. do Science Investigation Report Daniel F5D 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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Developing an Appropriate Response to Child Abuse Essay -- Child Abuse

Child abuse is one of the fastest growing social problems in the United States. A social problem is, â€Å"a condition that a significant number of people believe to be a problem. A condition in which there is a sizable difference between the ideals of a society and its actual achievements† (Coleman et al. 2006:2). However, society has changed the way it views the issue, and is working towards finding a solution to this awful problem. Child abuse encompasses four main areas: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Child abuse is considered a sociological phenomenon because it is a learned behavior. Learning the social patterns as to why people abuse will give a better understanding to its reasons, and also the development of society in the way that it views children. 3.6 million children were victims of abuse in the year 2006. Sixty four percent were victims of neglect, sixteen percent suffered from physical abuse, and eight percent were sexually ab used. Also in 2006, 1,530 children died as a result of abuse; an average of four children everyday (Child Welfare Information Gateway 2008). A study was done by David G. Gil, author of Violence Against Children: Physical Child Abuse in the United States and Journal of Marriage and Family, conducted a study about the types of child that was abused. His findings indicated that children of all ages are abused. He also found that abused children are more likely to come from single-parent homes or from large families. Income, occupation, and education are all factors that indicate the higher rates of abuse. Most children in his sample were abused by their mothers, and fewer than half the abused children in his sample were living with their biological father... ...lcohol abuse problems, children are often the most vulnerable. Briere (1992) talks about society’s responsibility to take care of its future, and using the feminist, functionalist, and conflict theory perspectives, it is our responsibility to change the way in which children are taken care of. The treatment of childhood maltreatment effects is still in its infancy, however. It is likely that the next decade will bring with it a burgeoning of treatment techniques and approaches relevant to child abuse. As this field develops, so too grows the opportunity for clinicians to provide increasingly more effective services to abuse survivors. To the extent that child abuse trauma underlies a significant proportion of modern mental health problems, these developments are likely to have substantial implications for mental health practice in the years to come. (P.163)

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Investigation of Failed States & Democratic Intervention Essay

Failed states have been an issue in human society for many years. Today there are a total of 177 failed states, which is an all-time high. (Haken) Failed states are not only a terrible situation for the country itself, but for its neighboring countries as well. Some situations are worse than others, but for the most part they all share several factors that classify them as failed states. These factors include a severe economic decline, lack of formal government, deterioration of public services, social disorder, and more. (Haken) Once a country becomes classified as a failed state it is quite difficult for them to fully recover. For this to happen, assistance from allies and neighboring countries is usually necessary. Obviously nobody wants to see a country’s government overrun and its citizens forced into turmoil, but that is unfortunately the way our society operates with radical militant groups such as Al-Qaeda in existence. It has become a global problem and the day may never come when there are no failed states. However, if groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) can be eliminated then these failed states can begin to rebuild themselves and give their citizens the chance to live free, happy lives. An example of a failed state that is making headlines these days is the country of Mali, which is located in Northern Africa. The situation in Mali began over a year ago and has developed into a very serious matter. Much like Libya in 2011, Mali’s government has been overthrown by Islamic militant groups that will do whatever it takes to spread their influence and power. (Larison) The major group behind this invasion is known as Al-Qaeda. As Al-Qaeda forces moved in on Bamako, Mali’s capital, a French military invasion halted them in their tracks. French and Malian forces have now teamed up against â€Å"Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb† (AQIM), which is Al-Qaeda’s militant organization based in Mali. (Larison) The two sides are both ready to battle one another and the situation looks to be headed towards a full-on war. AQIM forces are invading towns and villages while torturing and killing citizens in their path. They are a strong force to be reckoned with and outside help will be needed if Mali is to rid itself of these radicals. This is where neighboring countries become involved. Countries close to Mali, such as Niger, Mauritania, and Algeria, are all looked upon to intervene and to offer aid and/or assistance to the Malians. On top of that, they are forced to live under constant fear and uncertainty of AQIM’s next move(s). Although the United States has no vital economic ties to Mali, some Americans feel obligated to intervene and offer assistance to the French, much like we did in Libya. (Larison) However, the majority of American politicians are against issuing an invasion because all signs point towards an ongoing war similar to those in Iraq and Afghanistan. These two countries experienced this type of situation during the 2000s and Libya did as well in 2011. Libya’s situation was very similar to that of Mali’s current one. Islamic forces invaded and took control and outside help was needed from either neighboring countries or Western forces. Whatever the case may be, many parties were/are involved and too many unnecessary deaths have been recorded already. Going forward we can only hope that the situation in Mali ends up like the ones in Iraq and Libya. The only way this can happen is if the Islamic militant forces are driven out and the country has the opportunity to once again govern itself and eventually prosper. Western intervention has been a major component of global warfare for the last 100 years. From World War I all the way through the Cold War, the United States has always been looked upon to give military assistance to its allies and anyone who holds great importance to our economy. Most recently we’ve gone to war to protect Israel in the Middle East and to aid France in Libya. (Traub) The United States has been involved economically in the Middle East since the late 1980s but became active militarily in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. We were involved in warfare with Iraq for over a decade and are still at war with Afghanistan. (Traub) Other notable instances of Western military intervention include our involvement in World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and many other smaller wars. The United States has clearly played a crucial role in global warfare for a very long time. One major reason for this amount of military activity is the fact that the U.S. is a democracy. Non-democracy governments typically have less involvement in warfare than democratic governments do. This is because autocracies operate under the discretion of less than 20 people and often times only 1 person. Also, under a democracy a presidential order can be overturned by either the citizens or another branch of the government. A democratic leader would most likely order a military invasion if there is an immediate threat to his/her country’s national security or if there is a very significant amount of economic importance involved in the situation. Giving assistance to allies is also a common reason for entering into a war. These have been the main reasons for American involvement in global warfare over the years. America is undoubtedly a military superpower in the eyes of the world and will most likely remain that way for many more years to come. Works Cited Haken, Nate. â€Å"Interpreting the Arab Spring and Its Effects.† The Fund for Peace, 28 June 2012. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. . Larison, Daniel. â€Å"In Mali the Domino Theory Is Real.† The American Conservative, 23 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Jan. 2013. . Traub, James. â€Å"Think Again: Failed States.† Foreign Policy Magazine, Aug. 2011. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. .

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How Effective Is Terrorism Is For Achieving Its Political...

POL 10002 International Politics E. Pasimaloku Assessment 3: Major Essay Topic: How effective has terrorism being in achieving its political objectives. This essay will discuss how effective the terrorism has been in achieving its political objectives and will base its arguments on Political Terrorism by Schmid AP and Alberts J 1988 case study and supported by the 9/11 attack by Webster 2011 and the Siege operation by Cathy 2013. In unpacking the topic, key areas such as history and defining terrorist, the effectiveness of terrorism, its political objectives and quantify why civilians has been the target. The cases used were chosen to support the body of the essay as they highlight effectiveness of terrorism with a whole range of terrorism attacks and history around the world indicating the method used, the group involved and the objective of such attacks. The historical background of the word terrorism is that it originates from ‘terrorisme’ a French word that actually came from a Latin verb ‘terreo’ which means frightened. The word terror is expressed in Rome as an unsettling stage of emergency. It was whe n the Jacobins lost power that terror turned to be an abuse word in this expression (Rajiv, D 2013). This term of abuse has been on the world stage entwined with a complexity of unfinished definition. It has shifted the focus of state governments around the world to its national security department for expansion and development where the Middle East countries,Show MoreRelatedMilitary Science: Irregular Warfare Essay1230 Words   |  5 Pagesthe key issues that governments face in creating effective strategies for irregular warfare with a particular emphasis on counter-insurgency (COIN) and terrorism. Resources such as time, space, legitimacy and support present themselves as key issues in dealing with insurgency and terrorism and are leveraged by an insurgent or terrorist group to gain an advantage over conventional military forces. Modern day understanding of insurgency and terrorism has become blurred over time and thus it is necessaryRead MoreTerrorism Is Not A New Concept Essay1482 Words   |  6 PagesPearl Harbor, the attack on the World Trade Center was not executed by a state actor. Instead, it was the act of terrorism by a group known as Al Qaida. The fight against this terrorist group would continue over the next decade. By most accounts, the struggle even continues today. While this was one of the worst terror attacks in modern history, terrorism is not a new concept. Terrorism dates back to the nationalists’ fights against established governments, but has amplified since the 1970’s. NewRead MoreThe Strategic Logic Of Suicide Terrorism Summary840 Words   |  4 PagesStrategic Logic and Suicide Terrorism Suicide terrorism is frequently associated with irrational behavior. In the article â€Å"The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism† written by Robert A. Pape, he asserts that suicide terrorism are strategies of rational thinking. Furthermore, he claims that leaders of terrorist organizations utilize suicide terrorism, as a form of coercion. Thus, he characterizes suicide terrorism as a rational and strategic act amongst the leaders of terrorist organizations to achieveRead MoreThe Issue Of International Law1695 Words   |  7 Pages(including terrorism), whilst respecting individual state sovereignty and maintaining maximum participation of states. How effective is International Law in achieving this aim? What are the pitfalls and how might these be removed or the effects ameliorated? The term terrorism originated during the French revolution (1789-1799), referring to attempts by the new regime to consolidate its power and intimidate opponents who still supported the old monarchy. Ironically, many definitions of terrorism excludeRead MoreThe Debate About Terrorism Essay2667 Words   |  11 PagesAlthough the debate about terrorism has especially sparked in the past decades, terrorism is not a new phenomenon and it has been used since the beginning of recorded history. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to define terrorism. Depending on from which side one assesses terrorism it can be defined as either a tactic or a strategy, a crime or a holy duty, a heinousness or a justified reaction to oppression. Terrorism uses coercive power with many of the advantages of military force, but withRead MoreCyber Security Is A Growing Concern For Governments Around The World1296 Words   |  6 Pagesprotect. A common term that describes these protection measures is cyber se curity. Attacks that try to get unauthorized access to data, networks or computers are so called cyber attacks. When it comes to cyber security, one of the main questions is: How can unauthorized people get access to internal networks and processes via cyber space? The easiest and simplest way to enter an external computer or network is to take advantage of security gaps. These security gaps can exist within the soft-or hardwareRead MoreThe Terrorist Attacks Of The United States1409 Words   |  6 PagesThe 2001 terrorist attack in the United States had negative social and economic effects in the country and generally stirred the peace of the citizens. Terrorism is a major threat to any sovereign country in the world including the United States where. There are other threats that influence the comfort and the interests of the residents of the United States in varying measures (Decker, 2001). The Department of Homeland Security is tasked with the protection of the people from any ac tivity that influencesRead MoreConcept of Terrorism2019 Words   |  9 PagesAre You Countering Terrorism? Introduction To The Series†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. Protecting the public remains the highest priority of the Police Service but the growth of international terrorism over recent years has resulted in the publics’ protection being severely threatened. No community is immune from the global reach of international terrorism and the UK is a prime target for Al-Qaida and its affiliates. It is therefore necessary that police colleaguesRead MoreOne Mans Freedom Fighter, Another Mans Terrorist Essay5135 Words   |  21 PagesHistorical Inquiry - Terrorism Abstract What defines terrorism or freedom fighting depends upon a number of factors. Motivation as a factor in defining terrorism or freedom fighting is particularly significant as it forms the basis of Macquarie’s dictionary definition, â€Å"someone who joins in organised resistance usually armed against the established government, or the domination of his or her country by a foreign power† . Therefore it can be stated that a freedom fighters goal is to liberateRead MoreTerrorism As A Crime, Or Terrorism Essay1797 Words   |  8 PagesTerrorism as warfare, terrorism as a crime, or terrorism as a disease. Whichever view is adopted is determined by the kinds of countermeasures countries will use in their efforts to deal with terrorism. Definitions of terrorism are diverse and commentators and scholars tend to disagree on which is the most accurate. This usually occurs because the different types of terrorism are so widespread, and some experts will include or exclude various g roups depending on their preferences. Terrorism is a

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Some of the Problems India Has Had to Face - 633 Words

India is a very fast developing country in the world, one of the fastest. India also has the fastest growing economy in the world (Beck). But at the same time there are several problems yet today in Modern India which is affecting the development and growth of the country. The social problems in India today have their roots in the diversity of religion, language, and culture. There were many people to have huge attachment to one’s region, language, religion and when these attachments grow to an crazy extreme level they create intolerance for other religions, languages, problems are bound to rise. So many cases of tragedy such as peaceful protests, riots and poverty has shaped the outcome of what India has become today. An eye for an eye makes everybody blind summarizes Gandhis view of violence. Gandhi did not believe in violence as a technique of achieving his goal of an independent India. He taught non-violent non effort to create for the people of India. When Gandhi was arrested many times and put to prison, his followers were tempted to fight back to British authorities. Gandhi fasted until he convinced his followers to stop fighting so that he would eat again. After that Gandhi thought the British authorities would free the indian people as they wanted to be. Gandhi was wrong. Brigadier General Dyer ordered his soldiers to open fire open field of people. Killing thousands of women children and men. This massacre took place in Bagh where they held theirShow MoreRelatedThe Vision Of President Patil1476 Words   |  6 PagesFor over three decades, India has experienced massive economic growth, and over the past five years, it has averaged an astounding 7% annual GDP growth rate. Conventi onal wisdom would say that this would have a deep impact on the everyday lives of Indian citizens, and it has. However, some of India’s population has received a far greater benefit than others. Even though India seems to be thriving on the surface, there are some deep seeded impediments to it maximizing its full potential and fullyRead MoreInterview With Radhika Sanamvenkata, My Mom1470 Words   |  6 PagesInterview with Radhika Sanamvenkata I am interviewing Radhika Sanamvenkata, my mom, because she has a long line of immigration history. She was born on August 8th, 1970 in Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India. She emigrated from India to Auckland, New Zealand in 1996, where she stayed for six years. She later moved to El Segundo, California in 2002 for only four years. Finally, she came to Houston in 2006. Currently she is in Houston because of her job in United Airlines. She immigrated to allRead MoreThe Scarcity Of Water Crisis1515 Words   |  7 PagesThe water crisis has been known in the world for many years now, but as time goes on people have not realized the greater effect this has had on the world. Most people who know about the crisis do not know the regions it affects and frankly seem to not care unless it affects them directly. The shortages of water have led to health concerns and money problems in many countries. Both of these factors correlate because if health problems go up so does the economic is sue. India has been one of the regionsRead MoreEthical Issues Faced By Coke And Pepsi1247 Words   |  5 PagesContents Introduction: 1 Issues face by Coke and Pepsi: 1 Your Analysis: 2 The stake holders: 2 Top management: 2 Consumers: 2 Government: 2 My perspective: 2 Your recommendations. 3 Conclusion: 3 References: 4 Introduction: This case about Coke and Pepsi in India has been really interesting for me. I belong to Pakistan which is somewhat same kind of market as like India. This case focuses on ethical issue in host country and conflict management by multinational companies. Coca-Cola and PepsiCoRead MoreProblems of Gender Inequality for Women in India and Other Countries1674 Words   |  7 Pagesthe problems women in India and other places around the world face in creating women. The major stem of this problem revolves around the gender inequality that still prevails in many countries. Due to less significance given to the working women, the unions made by them dont receive much important either. Provided are some examples of the SEWA and JFJ movements that have made significant changes in the working women in India and America. Introduction The work force has always faced problem inRead MoreGandhi Movie Reflection981 Words   |  4 Pageswide-rimmed glasses frame the broad, aging face that has been linked with peace, wisdom, and the independence of India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world by his belief of non-violence. He worked hard to achieve the mission to spread the message of love and equality. The movie â€Å"Gandhi† directed by   Richard Attenborough tells us about how his principles made the British give freedom to India and his face moved millions of crowds to fight for freedomRead MoreHow Are The Population Policies Different Between India And China? Essay1546 Words   |  7 PagesHow are the population policies different between India and China? Guifang Tang Introduction China and India are the two countries which have the largest population in the world. These two countries have many similarities, especially they have fabulous growing speed during the globalization. In the global economic market, China has the biggest manufacture market and cheap labor (Justin Paul Erick Mas.2016). India gained independence from the United Kingdom from 1947 and started to focusRead MoreSolutions and strategy to overcome challenges in development of India990 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Issues and Challenges in Development of India India as a Nation faces most of the issues this modern world has faced. It has the issues of the developed nations like the USA and other European countries and at the same time problems faced by the developing and underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asian continent. At the same time with a diverse population in diverse geographical setting with large number of social and religious issues, India faces issues of its own with unique kind of attentionRead MoreWestern Colonization Essay1061 Words   |  5 Pagescountries that had ever been colonized in the world. India is one of these countries that affected by the Britain very much. From 16th century to 20th century, British colonialist began the aggression and expanding. England had ever governed many countries by using force methods . Absolutely, India became the target because of its widely nature products and lack of military power. The ancient country was suffering the colonial bearing. As English invade , many parts of In dia were changed suchRead MoreThe Ideas Of Discrimination And Employment Problems1596 Words   |  7 Pagescountry to pick. But through some research and investigation I’ve concluded that for this paper India would be a great candidate, what specifically interested me was the fact that India is much different compared too many other countries, they are a wealthy country and have many different cultural views compared to others. The main topics I am going to talk about throughout this paper are the ideas of discrimination and employment problems people with disabilities in India face. The definition of discrimination

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Too Much Thankfulness - 674 Words

I’ve been hearing a lot about this thankfulness thing. I can’t get away from it. It started with Thanksgiving. Before digging in to a big Thanksgiving feast at my daughter’s house, we all took turns saying something for which we were thankful. My grandkids loved the idea so much, that they have continued the practice of naming something they are thankful for every night before dinner. They look forward to it. Then one day last week, while driving home during rush hour traffic I heard a story on the radio about a monk named David Steindl-Rast who believes that gratitude is the key to happiness. He was quoted as saying, â€Å"We all know people who have lots of misfortunes that we ourselves would not want to have, and they are deeply happy, they radiate happiness,† he says. Why are they like this? â€Å"Because they are grateful. It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.† I had just finished reading a book set in World War I, in which one of the characters was a soldier who served as an ambulance driver. His job was to drive into the middle of the battlefield, pick up wounded soldiers, and take them to the army field hospital. In the midst of all the horror, pain, and death of war, this man tasked himself with finding beauty in the otherwise bleak and dismal landscape of war. When he found something beautiful, he wrote it down in a notebook he carried. He had noted a flower struggling to poke through the trampled earth, a soldier’sShow MoreRelatedThe Christian Conduct : Thankfulness1549 Words   |  7 PagesConduct: Thankfulness If Christians are to obey, follow, and love God, thankfulness or gratitude, as it is so often called, must be a key part in how they worship and live their lives. Christians are told numerous times in the Bible to be thankful, but one verse in Thessalonians sums it up, telling Christians to â€Å"give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.† (Thessalonians.5.18) In the Bible, there are more than eighty references to thankfulness and gratitudeRead MoreThe God s Promised Land1064 Words   |  5 Pageshave never been Israel and Palestine area, by seeing the picture that had taken by many, I can tell that people do live by farming but it looks like just city in the desert. It does not look like milk and honey are flowing all over. Kansas would be much more fit on God’s description on promised land. In that case, some of you may wonder that, â€Å"Does God had lied to them?† To understand this correctly, we must understand what had happened to the Israelites. When the Middle East area was drought heavilyRead MoreRobinson Crusoe : An Admirable Character1337 Words   |  6 PagesRobinson Crusoe is an admirable character while others disagree. Robinson Crusoe is an admirable character for three reasons. He devotes himself to growing his spiritual life, he is resourceful and a diligent worker, and he cultivates a spirit of thankfulness and contentment. The first reason that Robinson Crusoe is an admirable character is because he devotes himself to growing his spiritual life. First, he asserts, â€Å"My duty to God, and the reading scriptures, which I constantly set apart some timeRead MoreCan You Imagine America Being Non Religious?920 Words   |  4 Pagespeople becoming less religious is because they are being drawn to show more gratitude and thankfulness, also not accepting the rules or beliefs that many religions have, and Jonathan Edwards found that most important benefit of worship was to obtain the knowledge of ourselves and God. Correspondingly people are being less drawn to be religious since, they are finding and giving more gratitude and thankfulness. Many of the people at least say that they go once a week to give thanks and show gratitudeRead MoreChinese Thought Patterns And Its Cultural Roots1402 Words   |  6 Pagescollege. I know all students must study English. English students Version: When I went to college, I knew/learned that all students are required to take an English course. There is no deny that the latter example written by the English students is much better in terms of sentence structure. As what we can see in the latter one, one of the syntactic features of English writing is that English native students will use some transitional words such as â€Å"when† and â€Å"that† to indicate logical relationshipRead MoreEssay on Personal Credo1623 Words   |  7 PagesI would want nothing more than the same thing to happen to them. There are also actions that I believe to always be wrong no matter what. One of the actions that I believe be wrong is stealing money from the company you work for. This happens so much in the world today, and the majority of the time when it happens the people who are stealing money are already rich. A person should not live beyond their means, and if they do decide to do so the company they work for should not help keep up theirRead MoreIs The Principal Over All Things And Is?1418 Words   |  6 Pages thanksgiving for blessings conferred; laudation to God; worship expressed in song, or the object, ground, reason, or subject of praise. Praise is a part of worshipping God. We should express our approval, thankfulness, and respect for God by offering praises to Him. This kind of thankfulness is a form of our worship that ascribes worth to God because of who he is what He does, what He has done, and what he will do. David had been given total victory and he wanted to express his gratitude to theRead MoreReview: Who Packs Your Parachute?1636 Words   |  7 Pagessleep that night as he thought about the man who possibly saved his life. He wondered if he had been nice to him when they were in the army.   He was a fighter pilot and he was just an ordinary sailor so in most likelihood, he would not have thought much of the lowly sailor back then. Plumb thought of the many hours the sailor must have spent in the bowels of the ship, carefully entwining the shrouds and compacting the silks of each chute, holding in his hands the destiny of someone he didn’t knowRead MoreSignificance And Significance Of The Passage Of Colossians808 Words   |  4 Pagesof verse 9, he prayed for the knowledge of the Lord’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. It would be beneficial to keep the state of mind that there is always more knowledge to be obtain through prayer and study of the Bible. There is a much greater possibility of being influenced by false teaching when one lacks wisdom and understanding. Modern day Christians should always pray and seek to determine the Lord’s will and to have a greater spiritual understanding in their lives. In verseRead MoreThanksgiving Day By Melanie Wallendorf And Eric J. Arnould857 Words   |  4 Pages Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and start the holiday season. People tend to make lots of food and the objective is to eat as much as you can. We will reflect on â€Å"Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day† by Melanie Wallendorf and Eric J. Arnould. We will also take a look at how Thanksgiving tends to contain family rituals. Thanksgiving is a special time of year where people get together to see family and to indulge in food and good times. Wallendorf and Arnould’s book talk